Cost of Invasive Species

Invasive Species

  • Invasive species in the United States cause major environmental damages and losses adding up to almost $120 billion per year.
  • Aquatic invasive species cost the Great Lakes region—and our nation as a whole—hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Invasive species in the Great Lakes are estimated to cost $150 million annually. New research suggests costs may be more than $800 million annually.
  • Zebra mussels alone cost our country up to $500 million annually. Preventing future AIS invasions with similar impacts could generate up to $9.5 billion in long-term savings.
  • Using the conservative estimate of $138 million in annual losses to the Great Lakes economy, replacing shipping with other modes of transportation might bring a net benefit to society in about 30-50 years.

Asian Carp

  • We are currently spending approximately $50 million a year to control Asian carp.
  • A December 2009 fish kill in the CAWS cost $3 million.

Barrier Costs

  • The electric “barrier” meant to keep the carp from invading Lake Michigan costs $20,000 per day or $7.3 million per year.
  • The installation of the 2004 barrier (1 of 3 barriers) cost $9.1 million.